My marketing videos used to have no views. I remember that feeling of helpless desperation, wondering what I could do to get more eyes on my videos.

You know, the best way to get a video to go Viral is to have a ton of Views. The more people that see the video on the first round and recommend it to their friends, the better shot you have of going Viral. But, if you only have 3 views, your video IS NOT going to go Viral.

Using a Youtube view bot can be quite dangerous in these days since youtube is clever enough to caught any suspicious  activity and they will ban you. So we recommend you to naturally increase your youtube views instead of using any bo. You can do exchanges with other marketers, but then you have to use your valuable marketing time to view other videos.

We recommend to use Tube Tool Box. It is an amazing software which do not break Youtube TOS and help you to gain more subscribers, connect with like-minded people on youtube.


 Target your Audience

Focus your YouTube Marketing on users who are directly within your target demographic (age, gender, location) and those who watch, comment and rate videos like your own.

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Automate your Tasks

Doing things by hand is so ’2011′. Let us do the dirty work. Tube Toolbox automates Adding Contacts, Sending Messages & Sharing Videos while you’re busy on other tasks or even asleep

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Stay Worry-Free

Tube Toolbox complies with 100% of YouTube’s Terms Of Service. We are committed to following YouTube’s policies and keeping your account safe. Don’t worry, be happy :)

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Increasing your Youtube subscribers can also help you to get the initial views as soon as you post the video. Since these people are interested in your niche and want to hear more from you. Their are lot of tools and services that can help you to gain youtube subscribers.

 SubPal is an awesome tool that i am using from almost one year to gain free subscribers! You can check them out .

Summary:- Using a Youtube View bot is not even worth checking. Be natural and dont abuse and outsmart YouTube. They are smart enough to caught any activity. Use our recommended tools that can help you to gain more views, like and subscribers.


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